Autumn Green 28 Artificial Synthetic Turf

$20 per m²


Autumn Green 28 is a budget synthetic turf that will still look great.

Roll dimensions:

Roll length – 1 to 20 metres
Roll width – 2 meters or 4 metres


8 years limited manufacturers warranty including UV resistant/colour fading


No watering
Green all year round
No mowing
Great for children & pets
Environmentally friendly
Ideal for hay fever suffers
Saves you time & money
Very low maintenance

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  Pile Height   28mm
  Pile Length   60mm
  Machine Gauge    3/8″ (9.525mm)
  Stitch Rate per Sqm   160
  No. of Stitches per Sqm   16800
  Pile Content   Polyethylene,U.V Protected
  Yarn Type   Polyethylene, polypropylene
  Primary Backing   100% woven polypropylene, U.V protected 200g/m2
  Secondary Backing   Maximum water resistant and ultra-bonding strength BASF glue
  Pile Gross Weight   Polyethylene (Grass) with 12000g in 10000 mtrs. Polypropylene (curly) with 4400g in 10000 mtrs (Dtex index)   about 1130g/m2
  Secondary Coating Weight   1100g/m2
  Total Weight   2430g/m2
  Shipping Weight   90kg&170kg/roll – Diameter:45cm
  Width   2 & 4 meters
  Colour   Emerald green ,light green for straight grass, coffee (brown)and light green for curly
  Infill Material   Washed & dried sand 0.3 – 1.0