Bamboo Fencing Panels

If you are looking for an instant transformation for your outdoor area or garden look no further.

  • Whether you choose the dark rich brown bamboo or natural cream coloured panels your garden will have that instant peaceful and tropical feel.
  • Bamboo panels are great for covering unsightly structures like old paling fences or simply for added privacy in your backyard.
  • Easy to work with light weight cost effective solution.

Working With Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo which is technically a grass is one of the strongest materials used for building, flooring and fence screening, a lightweight long lasting durable product, easily installed onto existing timber post and rail, chain wire, concrete and steel surfaces using screws or galvanised wire.

An Eco-friendly material, bamboo only takes 3-5 years to grow before reaching maturity, easily renewable and with a significantly lower carbon footprint be assured your bamboo panels are great for our environment.