Plants for Full Sun in Melbourne and Victoria

Consider the Area

When looking to plant any plants in your garden it is always important to consider the environmental conditions of the area that you want to plant out. Particularly important is the amount of sunlight an area gets and how much direct sunlight falls on the area through the afternoon.

The Victorian climate is extreme in summer and not all tropical plants and palms can handle this. In fact many plants that happy grow in the full sun in tropical and subtropical parts of the world cannot handle our summer due to the particularly dry climate that we live in.

For this reason it is extremely important to be careful when researching the plants or palms you want. Most information on the internet or on plant tags for tropical plants and palms is based upon its indigenous environment and therefore this information cannot be trusted when planting in our environment. For example in tropical Queensland Kentia Palms grow comfortably in sunny conditions but in Melbourne and Victoria we only recommend this palm for shaded positions.

We therefore highly recommend that you talk to experts of palms and the Victorian and Melbourne climate – and with years of experience in both these aspects, The Palm Place Nursery is the best place to start.