Grass Trees

Get Melbourne and Victoria’s best Grass Trees

Grass trees (xanthorrhoea) make a stunning visual display in any garden and are totally unique from any other plant in the world.

Their striking burnt black trunks and green foliage stand out both in the Australian bush and through our city landscapes.

Growing at an extremely slow rate of approximately 3cm per year, larger specimens can be well over 150 years old.

When choosing to have these epic plants in our gardens it is therefore vital to choose the correct specimen and know how to maintain the health of the plant throughout its life (or yours).

At the Palm Place Nursery we have years of experience in handling these majestic plants. That experience can help you choose the tree right for you and we are more than happy to show you the best methods to keep your grass tree going strong.

We pride ourselves on having Melbourne and Victoria’s largest range of the highest quality Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea) at the great prices.

For more information have a read of our Grass Tree Guide here 

Grass Tree Size C
Xanthorrea Johnsonii