Vertical Gardens Screens / Panels

1m x 1m Artificial Vertical Garden Screens to create beautiful Green Walls in your home or business


The Palm Place Nursery once sold and installed real living Vertical gardens for our customers, and although these looked great they do require large amounts of maintenance and often the plants will need to be replaced. These difficulties lead us to explore other options and that’s when we found the artificial vertical garden screens. A premium product, our screens are the best looking and longest lasting artificial screens on the market. Great for transforming an ugly wall, or adding some colour and vibrancy to a low light spot, or for indoors to create a light and welcoming space.

  • Each screen is 1m x 1m  (1sqm)
  • Screen size can be changed by utilising the hole & lug clipping system or trimmed down to form any size.
  • Light weight and versatile
  • Easily attached to any surface
  • Green all year round
  • 8 Year UV warranty
  • Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor applications
  • Up to 1 week order