American Cotton Palm Advanced

Washingtonia robusta

Also known as Mexican Fan palm or Fan palm

Often confused with washingtonia filifera or Desert fan palm, California fan palm or California palm

The American Cotton palm is a fast growing palm tree that tolerates near all conditions.

A lush fan leafed crown makes this the palm very popular in Australia.

Grows well in full sun but can adapt to a semi-shade area.

For this palm to look its best, watering is encouraged during the spring to summer seasons.

Fertilising in spring to summer time encourages new growth.

Overall a great fast growing palm that can tolerate full sun, dry heat to part shade, frost tolerant, wind tolerant and drought tolerant. Large specimens transplant easily, for an “instant jungle” effect. Minimal maintenance required.

Advanced American Cotton Palms are available from 2m tall up to 15m

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