Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea Australis 20cm to 150cm Trunk


Grass trees (xanthorrhoea) make a stunning visual display in any garden and are total unique from any other plant in the world.

Their striking burnt black trunks and green foliage stand out both in the Australian bush and through our city landscapes.

Growing at an extremely slow rate of approximately 3cm per year larger specimens can be well over 150 years

The flower spike shoots from the centre of tree and can be up to 180cm long with a mass of small highly perfumed flowers.

Important to have extremely well draining soils so water can be applied liberally.

Frost tolerant. Full sun or semi shade.

Each grass tree sold is supplied with a certified tag provided by the department of primary industries (dpi).

Plants sold per cm of trunk – foilage tyically 40cm to 50cm above trunk

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For more information please see our Grass Tree Guide here