Redgum Firewood 1 Tonne


Get a tonne of beautiful redgum pieces great for the fire delivered to your door or come in and pick up.

All orders are weighed by commercially approved scales so be assured that you will get what you pay for.

All of our redgum firewood seasoned and dry – ready to warm you this winter.

Our firewood is comes in all shapes and sizes but most pieces will roughly be the size of a 2L milk bottle. However please not that some pieces will be bigger and may require further splitting to fit your fireplace.

Please note:

We strive to keep all our customers happy! Therefore we offer 2 types of delivery.

1. We can deliver a half tonne or full tonne with our tipper trucks for a nominal charge. However this option can only be delivered to the front of your property where there is access for a truck to safely enter. We do not stack or move the wood from where it will be tipped.

2. However, we also can deliver your wood in a cage and move it into your garage, shed, or anywhere you like (as long as it is accessible with our machinery). With this delivery method we simply send our truck out with a small unloader or pallet jack and deliver your wood into a easier spot for you. This does have an extra charge but you will be saved from lugging half or a full tonne of wood around! For this option we recommend you get in touch with us to discuss before proceeding.

Lastly please note that we offer delivery services to Northern and Western Melbourne only. We reserve the right to cancel and refund any sale outside of the area. Please contact us for more information.